Friday, August 1, 2008

my sex life diary

My sex life
Having lost my virginity since school at the age of 15, I have had sexual intercourses with many boys and slept with countless men until now. I started oral sex at the age of 12. I have done the extremes - BDSM, sack bondage, kidnap cum gang rape enactment and sex romps.

Through college I slept with black lecturers, classmates and friends. My strongest sex tool lies in my clothes and fetish for ropes and gunny sack. I clad in ultratight skirt suits, sexy and tight-fitting denim skirts with knee boots to make men erect seeing my body strain when walking in impossibly tight skirts!

Sex partners
I have slept with black men (huge cocks), asians with tiny penis and a few anglo white men. Mainly m'sians that I had sex, and looking to have sex with malays. Apparently they are sexually arouse due to their penis being sunat when young. That's why many abductions, rape and gang rapes were done by malays.

Places of sex
Places that I have had sex include a floating boat, stairways, car, van, store room, bedroom, balvony, shower room, bathtub, toilet, parks, public toilet and wet forest grounds. Sex on a boat is fun as it rocks when he humps me and i can moan and groan without anyone hearing. We have made love in the sea once, and his cum mixing with sea water.

I have been gagged, my hands and legs tied up and wrapped in a gunny sack, laundry bag or rice sack and placed in the car trunk, back of a lorry, boat and on wet ground in a forest. Rubbing my naked bound body against the rough gunny cloth makes me horny. I get wet struggling against my tied up body. I like the feel of rough ropes tightly binding my hands, legs and pulled up against my anal and vagina. The rope rubbing my vagina makes me wet all the time.

Kinky sex I had were hogtied, tied to the bed during sexual intercourse and oral sex is my favourite act followed by unprotected sex. I take the pill so men can inseminate semen into my body. I like to give blowjobs, lick and suck, then swallowing the cum - white sticky, gooey, warm and salty musky semen...YUM!

Sex experience
I adore bondage sex, and like making love to two or more men. I like many hands fondling my body, arousing me by fingering me, eating my clitoris, biting my nipple, rubbing and myself sucking on a penis. I enjoy holding two cocks in each hand and licking and sucking alternatively while kneeling in between two men. Another position is one fucking from the front, one from the rear and one fucking my mouth. Foursome is very kinky. I have a lot of twosomes and threesomes. The most number of men I had sex at any one time was 14 men after a wild party. Most number of sex in a day was 5. I have also slept with my ex partner's father, accountant and illegal sexual affairs with some managers. It was all word of mouth about me sleeping with men for free. They call me the Asian SLUT.

Some guys sms wanting to come to my place to have sex with me. A msn sex friend saw my profile and asked if my steady partner is a black, as his penis was big. I have one steady relationship but many sex partners.

Sex, sex & more sex
I have sex everyday and when I cant make love due to pms, I give blowjobs or masturbate whilst watching chinese girls tied up in gunny sacks or abducted and thrown into a laundry bag,violent kidnap/gang rape porno or net surfing on XXX materials. I enjoy making love to men on my bed, his bed or in hotels/motels.

My favourite sack bondage is being gagged with a soiled panty in my mouth filled with semen ejaculation and duct tape, hands and legs tied up and my bound naked body thrown into an old smelly gunny sack which is tied at its end. The sack has ants and thus made me thrash and roll about in itchiness. Then my sacked body was placed in the car trunk tp be driven to a riverside bushland to be gang raped by men.a vibrator is stuffed inside my vagina pressed tight between my tied up legs. So I could only taste and smell seen from my gag whilst screaming through it being pack raped.

Ultra tight skirts at work
Whether I wear a tailored pinstripe tight pencil skirt suit, front slit denim skirt, side slit denim skirt, back double vent tight pencil skirt or a sexy short and tight skirt, I will arouse any red blooded without a question. Tight front slit skirts split open high up when I sit, ultratight back split skirts ride up when I walk, so I always have to pull my skirt down. Other favourites are the skintight rubber mermaid gowns, body hugging mermaid gowns and the classic ultratight kebaya kain sendat (supertight) or kain ketat. Everytime I wear it the skirt hugs like second skin, the nonstretch material is so tight that it is very tight at the hips and thighs, emphasing the body curve. Oh! So tight!

Kidnap cum gang rape
Having read an article in M'sia where groups of men kidnap/abduct young girls and tie them up for money, gang rape and some strangle after raping them and throwing their bound body in in a smelly gunny sack and dumping into a grave, sea or jungle. A number of cases included a kidnapped girl raped or gang raped,strangled and stuffed into a gunny sack or guni dumped into the mining lake, student kidnapped and gang raped before being tied, wrapped up and buried in a shallow grave while the bagged body struggles like damsel in distress.

A lot of malay men kidnap chinese girls to gang rape them, then tie the raped girls in a gunny sack and dump them in the sea. They get the ropes and gunny sacks from factories.

Sadistic Gang Rape
A lady was abducted into a car late last night by 3 men. Wearing a tight skirt suit, the men jumped out and bundled her to the back. They drove off while the men took off her top and molested her. She couldnt scream as one of them used his hand to cover her mouth. Her panty was pulled down and stuffed into her mouth. They pressed her down with a knife when they stopped at the lights. Driven to a dark area, they carried her out into the grass area, stripped her naked and tied her hands before the 5 men took turns to gang rape her. After hours of gang rape, they tied her legs up and dripped candle wax on her bound and battered naked body. Before sunrise, they gang raped her another round. Then one of them wenr to the car trunk to take out a large brown cloth bag with ropes. They stuffed her tied up body into the old gunny sack and pulled the drawstrings tightly. They coiled the outer bagged body with the ropes like a corpse. Then they watched her flip roll around, before hoisting both ends of the sack and tossing her into a nearby lake.

Making love
It rained all night, and that was how long my love making lasted. I had unprotected sex 5 times in my sex partner's room. He was visiting from overseas. Whenever he came we always catch up in bed. He has a kinked 6'' penis and fucks me at an angle that touches my G-spot. That arouses me to the sky.

A slut they call me
Life is great with so many sex adventures. My good email sex friend invisiblepokemon is a Malaysian sex god. All women long to sleep with him. I admire his ability to get them into bed. I am yet to meet him, but when I do I will also want to sleep with him and experience his sexual reputation. I make love to men because I have many lovers. The men like me for sex. Sex is my life and blood. I sleep with men to get orgasms and fulfill my sexual hunger.

Teachers in short skirt?
I think it sounds good to have teachers wear tight and short skirts like Thai uni students wearing tight black skirt uniform. It is like me wearing ultratight skirts to work, or tailor altered school uniform to make the skirt short and tight.

When a teacher wears miniskirts, it means she is a slut. Students put a mirror under her skirt when they walk behind her to see if she is wearing any panty. I have worn ultratight skirts with no panty to work and guys just know when I am pantiless, and they email me time and place for a quickie sex.

Many years ago a young and sexy teacher cladded in a short and tight skirt suit led a class of boys to an excursion. She ended up having sex with 7 of them in the bus during the trip.

On the other side of things, a Korean teacher was gang raped by 25 students behind the classroom. She was grabbed and dragged into the back room and tied up with duct tape and gagged with her panty. Her tight slit skirt was ripped and they took turns gang raping her over sixty times. Then they tied the teacher in a sack and dumped her into the well.

Sitting cross legged or climbing stairs are challenges in a very tight skirt or mini skirt. Men will try to peep under the skirt and it rides up the thighs when sitting.

Teacher & student sex
I was one of the statistic sleeping with my lecturer. Many reports were on male students as young as 13 years sleeping with female teachers clad in sexy short skirts. They made love to the boys at their home, in the car or in motels. I made love to my lecturer at his apartment when I turned 19. He invìted me for private lecture and I asked if all black men's dick and gigantic. He asked if I have slept with a black before and if I wanted to. I smiled and crossed my legs as my tight fit short skirt rode up my thighs, barely covering my crotch. He sat next to me and placed my hand on his hard penis. I rubbed and slipped my hand into his pants. Playing and caressing his penis, I felt it long and hard. I was excited in having his penis inside my body. Oh god...his long and hard strokes touch my deepest point and it drives me wild. I moan and groan like a whore and beg him to cum inside me. He toys with me knowing that I enjoy it big time. Overtime he gets rougher and faster, he fucks me harder and I felt the initial shots of juice mix with my cunt juice and flowed out of my clitoris. Upon hitting orgasm, a sense of satisfaction and a fact that a black man's semen has been shot into my body. I had made love to a black man. We kissed and caressed, as I lowered myself to his pole and lick the tip, shuddering him with my hand rubbing his testicles. Licking and sucking the tip of his cock, he enjoyed it so much he asked me not to stop. After some cock sucking and tasting his cum he pulled it out of my mouth and screwed me from the rear. It was a tight rear fuck. After half an hour of moaning and groaning he shot a second and less load of cum. He collapsed onto me and our sweaty bodies rubbed each other.

There has been many cases of teachers having sex with students without condoms. Students in Malaysia as young as 13 years have slept with teachers. They make their school uniform ketat or sendat to attract the teachers and other male students. A 14 year old girl was found having sex with four boys in an apartment in Penang. She was giving oral sex to one and another fucking her vagina with the other two on her side with their penis in her hands. That made headlines.

Another recent case was the teacher sleeping with his student when she was 13 years old. He did not use condoms and she was a virgin, hence impregnating the young girl. They had sex more than 100 times during the four years. The girl had also slept with six other male teachers and several classmates.

Sex at Work
A recent scandal involved a married town planner sleeping with developers for favours. She had several unprotected sex with seven different men during that time. In other news, a married man made a video of himself having bondage sex with a korean girl. He had tied her hands and legs with ropes to the bed and performed sadistic acts on her bound and gagged naked body. He was also said to have tied up the girl and placed her in his car trunk. He had also fucked her on his BMW car boot.

Kain ketat dan seks
At my sister's wedding I cladded in a tailor made body hugging. kebaya and ultra tight mermaid skirt. The material is nonstretch, hence it fits very tightly around my hips and thighs. Walking is in small steps with the incredibly skintight outfit clinging onto my curves. Malay girls wear skintight skirts for that matter. The malay man chatted to me and praised how well I looked in the tight kebaya. I told him that I was staying in the hotel room upstairs. He came up to chat for a while. I made the first move and placed my hand on his crotch. He was hard as rock. We started kissing and he helped me take off my clothes. We tongued each other and my hand rubbed his cock. We had unprotected sex twice that night. He left at 4am. I had finally slept with a malay. I intend to make more skintight kebaya that doesnt stretch. The skirt will be so tight that it restricts my walking steps and strains when I bend or sit. The tightness brings the body curves out. Denim mini skirts and boots show the legs, denim tight knee length skirts show the curves and the challenge is to cover my crotch for men love to see what is under it.

No sex allowed
Company policy states that employees cannot have a sexual relation at work. I have quietly slept with work colleagues outside work. A recent article advised that a staff had sexual affair with a colleague in a hotel.

All along I had sex in toilets etc were illegal practices.

Long time no sex!
I have not had sex for 4 days until last night. I had sex with a friend who stayed over and is a trannie. She changed sex to become a woman to wear skintight gowns. She doesnt sell her body for sex so I know we can have sex without a condom.

It looked weird that 2 females kissed in bed, but when you looked down she still has the penis attached. Shemale shot semen twice into my vagina and wetted my bed linen. I have sex with him often.

Sex by email
I received an email to meet up with two guy friends tomorrow night at their hotel. I guess they will want to fuck me. I used to go out and have sex with one of them in the past.

Condom for sex
I have gone for days without sex due to illness. Now ready for action and looking forward to sleeping with a man. IP advised me to make my sex partner wear a condom during sex if it is a one night stand to avoid disease like STD.

Two nights ago I had sex with a client whom I had known and have not met in years. We had dinner and it led to this topic. We went to his hotel room and had sex after dinner. It was a day I cladded in an ultratight skirt suit, and the tightness of my skirt enhancing my curves made him hard. His licking sent me to heaven, and his incredible fuck gave me my big O. I seldom orgasm when guys ejaculate into me. This guy hit my jackpot, but shot into the condom. I was so tempted to ask him to fuck me again without the condom or suck his cock dry. But I convinced myself that I dont know if he had slept with any prostitutes or other women as he was once known as a womaniser.

Last Friday night I made love to an old friend the whole night. We had sex 4-5 times until next morning. It was great sex with no condom! Last night I wore a custom made tight fitting mermaid gown to a wedding. It was slinky beige with an ultratight fit at my hips and thighs. I met up with several old sex mates and after dinner I went to the novotel and had sex with two of them at différent times.

For the past few nights I have been sleeping with the same guy and had unprotected sex. He ties me up every night and we engage BDSM, dripping candle wax, nipple clipping, hogtied oral sex, bound naked in a gunny sack of ants like a slave girl, bagged and hung from the warehouse roof for spanking and tied down onto a bench top to be fucked by 3 guys.

Abducted asian girl
A group of boys were hanging out in a deserted car park when a Merc pulls up to them. Two built men get out and asked if the boys wanted to fuck a faceless girl. No doubt anyone will reject. One of the man walks to the boot of his car and opens it. Muffling sound was heard. He unties the knot on the drawstring of a gunny sack and lifts the end out. Oh my God! It was a girl tied up and gagged in the sack. He lifted the end of the sack up to her naked waist and untied the bonds around her ankles and knees. He spreaded her legs apart and asked the boys to take turns to fuck her with a condom for a hundred dollars each. So the 12 boys took turns to fuck her. She was pack raped. She was abducted from the back street and taken as a sex slave. Who is she? Nobody knows. After the rape session, the men tied her legs up, pulled the sack over them and tied the drawstring. She was dropped back into the boot and the car went off. Months later the body of a missing malaysian girl was found floating in a gunny sack in the lake. Her body was bound up. She was believed to be the missing girl kidnapped and gang raped for money before being murdered and dumped. Her panty was believe to have been stuffed into her mouth.

Making love to 2 men?
Most say there's no such thing. You only make love to one person, or the person you love. But if I love or like more than one man, does it mean I can make love to many men? I have been having sex with 2 men every night for the past week. One will fuck me while I suck the other, or suck two cocks at the same time. Condoms? No! I have unprotected intercourse with them because I know them well. They buy me lots of supertight fitting skirts from the internet so they can erect seeing me wear the tight skirts and constantly having to pull my skirt down when walking or climbing stairs.

As mentioned before, I also have a lot of sex with my transvestite friend. We both like to wear skin tight mermaid gowns and in bed she fucks and shoots semen into my vagina. We make a lot of skintight fitting dresses together - mermaid gowns, kebaya and the malay tight gowns.

Tonight I will watch a few kidnapping in gunny sack video clips on line before sleeping with one of my regular sex partners. There is also a clip of a whore being tied up in a gunny sack before being gang raped and thrown into the sea. He is going to try and make me orgasm more than 10 times.

Unfortunately he only gave me 3 orgasms. He controlled his ejaculation and came four times inside my vagina. I'd have been pregnant if I didnt take the pill. I sometimes dream of sleeping with men just to have a baby. So I will have unprotected sex with men I dont know. That is a real SLUT! A slut is someone who sleeps with men for lust.

I know of a girl who slept with hundreds of men and finally got pregnant. We think it was during the sex romp where she had marathon sex with 38 men in a barn. She was dirtied and said her cunt was so sore from the fucks, she felt as if she was gang raped. She made herself high by asking to be tied up halfway through the group fuck. Some say she is crazy to do such thing. Well, nothing beats Annanelle Chong's sex with 250 men. It is still a world record of an asian girl having sex with a group of men. The worst gang rape was by 154 boys and men in a back room of a factory. The chinese girl was abducted by the male students and taken to the factory, stripped naked and her hands and legs tied down before being pack raped. Her dirtied and wasted body was stuffed into a gunny sack and tied up. They heaved her bagged body onto a boat out to sea before tossing her overboard. It was one of the worst kidnap/gang rape/murder in Asia.

Sex partners
Despite sleeping with numerous men, I have steady sex partners. Every week we meet up to have sex, just like people meeting to play sports. These sex partners use condom and sex locations are at their homes. I dont take guys back for sex unless I know them well. Visiting sex partners or I should say my colleagues from out of town usually call me when they come and I go to their hotel to have casual sex.
All these take place when my steady partner is not around. I am sure he knows I sleep around with other men but he also sleeps with other cabin crew members when overseas. We respect each other's privacy. We do have lot sex as well and all unprotected.

Last week IP asked if I would sleep with him. It made me high and wanting sex with him. One day I want to sleep with him. I want to have sex with IP. I can imagine sucking his huge cock before he fucks me for an unforgettable experience. I would have unprotected sex with IP without a question.


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